Introduction to the Gift Aid Recorder App for Epos Now

The Gift Aid Recorder till app for Epos Now allows charities operating Gift Aid to record donor details at the till or inside the Epos Now Back Office.

The Gift Aid Recorder till app requires a Gift Aid Recorder account on a compatible plan and the Gift Aid Recorder Beta app installed in the Epos Now Back Office.

Launching the app

Launch the app from an action button on the till or in your Epos Now Back Office by visiting

The Gift Aid Recorder app opens on the donor search page. On this page you can use the search tools to locate and select an existing donor or use the New Donor button to register a new donor.

Selected Donor

Select a donor to confirm or amend donor details


Click the blue Options button to access additional features. The features available depend on your specific Gift Aid Recorder plan and where the app is running i.e. Epos Now Back Office or on a till.

Options for Retail Gift Aid

Generate Donor Labels

Click the Generate Donor Labels button to print donor identifying labels. Gift Aid Recorder opens the Epos Now Back Office on the “Generate Labels” page.

Click the Generate Labels button to print barcode labels identifying a donor. Use donor labels to identify bags of donated items.

Generate Product Labels

Click the Generate Product Labels button to begin the process of labelling individual products. The Product Labels form opens with the top level categories visible.

Note: There is an “Enabled” status associated with each Epos Now category which controls the visibility of the category.

Click a category button to open a new form displaying the sub-categories for the selected category

Configure Category Visibility

Use the Show all categories slider to make disabled categories visible. Disabled categories are shown in orange, enabled categories in green.

Select the disabled category

Use the Enabled slider to change the enabled state.

Use the breadcrumb control to navigate backwards through the category tree.

Selecting Products (Multiple Selection Mode)

Multiple selection mode allows multiple products to be selected in a manner similar to the familiar shopping cart experience.

Choose a category, set a quantity and click the Add to selection button.

Choose another category and repeat the process.

Note the quantity of labels which will be generated visible on the blue Labels button.

Click the blue Labels button to view the selected items. You can remove items or use the link to Add more items to go back and add to your selection.

When you are happy with your selection click the Add Stock button. Gift Aid Recorder displays a progress indicator whilst it builds a new stock movement in Epos Now.

On success Gift Aid Recorder confirms that a stock movement has been created and the associated reference number. Use the Generate Labels… button to open the Epos Now Back Office on the Generate Labels page with the new stock movement selected.

Use the Generate Labels button to print barcode labels as per example below.

Till App Settings

To access the app settings click the blue cog icon on the donor Search page.

Use the sliders to enable and disable options. The options available depend on your specific Gift Aid Recorder plan.

Unique Product Creation

Enable “Allow unique product creation” to create unique products. This mode allows for setting a description and a price for each item added to the selection.

Note: Providing a product description or setting a price will result in a new product being created in Epos Now. Setting a price will disable variant pricing for the new product. You can leave the price at zero for variant pricing.

Your choices are confirmed when reviewing your selection.

Single Item Mode

Disable “multiple product selection” to enable “single item mode”.

In “single item mode” the shopping cart like experience is disabled. The “Labels” button and “Add to selection” buttons are not visible. There is a Generate Labels… button and you can still set a quantity. This mode provides a quicker method of generating a label for a single category of item and automatic return to the till app after printing.

Options for Gift Aid on Admissions and Cash Donations

Push to till

For charities operating Gift Aid on Admissions or wanting to claim Gift Aid on a cash donation. Select an existing donor or create a new donor and from the Options form use the Push to till button to add the selected donor’s details to the current transaction.

Image shows current transaction and selected donor.
Image shows typical till receipt for Gift Aid on Admissions or cash donation.

Note: Charities operating Gift Aid on Admissions or Cash Donations only, can switch backwards and forwards between the new Gift Aid Recorder till app and the legacy app.

For a detailed description of the legacy Gift Aid Recorder app for Epos Now see: